Jim Palmer Trucking

Since 1964, Jim Palmer Trucking has sought out the best of the best.

   Today, JPT still succeeds in providing the best opportunities to the best drivers. We do just that by offering outstanding benefits, extra safe, top-of-the line trucks, competitive pay and excellent owner operator opportunities.

   Jim Palmer Trucking gives drivers what they need on the road including the latest GPS and trucking technology. That makes our drivers among the industry's most competitive and the most up to date.

   More great news for JPT drivers is that we are staffed with the best mechanics in the business. Each truck is held up to a rigorous preventative maintenance program, attending to the smallest details and thinking hard on the road ahead. Working smart, on the road and off, has consistently earned JPT the lowest insurance rates in the industry.

   We make sure that JPT drivers and owner operators have what they need to be successful.

At JPT you're way more than just a truck number to us, you're family!

2013 JPT Temperature Controlled Gold Transportation Award from Walmart
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